Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Other Otter: FAWM Fallout

Well I should have made this post a month ago, probably, but February Album Writing Month resulted in me and my Philadelphia cohort (codenamed The Other Otter) completing (more or less) 5 songs, and writing several more that I intend to work on more once the semester is over. That's a bit shy of the 14-song theoretical goal of FAWM, but it was plenty of fun anyway. The songs are all available on our FAWM page:

More specifically, we recorded the following demos (all available from these links):

Lorelai - The first song we recorded, written by myself, includes the most instrumental variety (ukes, guitar, harmonica, glockenspiel, and vocals)

Silverware - The song was written and recorded by Angela. We intended to include accompaniment, but it didn't sound right when we first tried it, so the demo currently just includes one uke and voice.

A Song About Physics - This got written when our Delaware friend Em visited. The lyrics were written via a poetry game - we wrote one line at a time on three pieces of paper and then handed them each to another person to write the next. The theme we picked beforehand was "science".

Downtown - A creation of Josh combined with a strange mood, this song is a masterpiece of incoherence, and feature 4 ukes and voices. In each take we did, Josh improvised lyrics on the fly.

City People - A second song by me. Em's bass line was contributed via email.

Also, it turns out collaborative song-writing is pretty fun, so if anyone wants to visit Philly with an instrument and jam, let me know.