Monday, September 3, 2012


I spent most of the day hanging out with my friend Laura, and we ended up recording some songs. First we did a duet of my new song, Vines and Scaffolds, which came out way better than I expected (despite an out-of-tune piano):

I was on guitar and lead vocals, Laura on piano and harmonies.

Then we decided to lighten the mood a bit with an Ingrid Michaelson cover:

We both played uke, and hopefully you can tell which voice is which at this point.

It was a pretty great day, basically.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

New Song: Vines and Scaffolds

So FAWM was a long time ago, but that doesn't mean I stopped making music. Here's a demo of a song I just wrote (and recorded on my cellphone - welcome to the future?):

EDIT: And check out the duet version I just recorded with my friend Laura (admittedly with an out-of-tune piano):

And since I know I'm not always intelligible, lyrics:

Vines and Scaffolds

Build a scaffold in my mind
And ask me where I learned to breathe
Show me who I used to be
Then make me answer for his deeds

I always knew you were a child
Because your soul still has its wings
But I mistook your fear for wisdom
And now your fear inside me sings

You never had to make me whole
You only had to make me weak
So I could shatter my own soul
And teach the pieces how to speak

I let your vines crawl up my wall
And wreck it like the cruel sea
And when we pushed that wall it crumbled
But I'm the only one we freed

Now if you gave me seeds and stones
I'd build a garden for my sweet
And if you didn't love your chains
I'd lay my freedom at your feet

I don't want to make you whole
I only want to make you sing
So when you shatter your own soul
You can build a scaffold for your wings