Monday, June 29, 2009

The Rise of Magus: Big in France

Apparently French people respond well to my game. I noticed today a visit to the site that came from a search on, and I checked it out to find that someone had created and uploaded a 10 minute gameplay video on Dailymotion.

It also included a link to a forum discussion going on about it (in French), which included a request for a translation. Now, I'm confident enough in my French to post on there and say hi, but not to try translating dialogue myself. What's more, I don't think Game Maker supports accents or most foreign characters.

That said, if someone wants to translate the game into French or any other language, I'll try to plug the translation into the game and release an alternate language version.

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Ellipsis said...

Update: so apparently Game Maker DOES support accents - you just have to extend the range of characters included in your font.